【Japanese Rally Championship Round 4 / Kyotango, Kyoto】

At RALLY TANGO, which concludes the first half of the season, Fumio Nutahara and Shungo Azuma took their first podium in Rally2 in the JN-1 class, and cars equipped with YOKOHAMA tires took podiums in JN-3 and JN-4.

JRC Round 4

Date 10-12 May. 2024
Venue Kyotango, Kyoto
Weather Leg1 : Fine / Leg2 : Cloudy – Rain
Surface Tarmac
Leg1 : Dry / Leg2 : Dry – Wet
Total Distance 181.01km
Special Stage Total Distance 40.34km (6SS)

Photo Gallery

Photo : Takehiro Saito / office North-Star